The Congress of Vienna

In the wake of the Napoleonic wars, the countries of Europe gathered together to discuss peace arrangements in the Congress of Vienna (1814). They wanted very much to avoid another general European war, so they established several principles to preserve stability. These principles were legitimacy, the balance of power, and compensation. Legitimacy was the idea … Continue reading The Congress of Vienna


Abolition of Slavery in England

We in the United States are very proud of the war we fought that brought about the end of slavery at the cost of around a million people's lives. However, England, with a far longer history of slavery, was able to peacefully abolish it more than thirty years before the United States. In 1787, a … Continue reading Abolition of Slavery in England

Friedrich Gentz on the American and French Revolutions

A profound distinction was made between the American and French revolutions in Friedrich Gentz's essay (whose name speaks for itself), The Origin and Principles of the American Revolution, Compared with the Origin and Principles of the French Revolution.  It said that the French Revolution was based on radical change, while the American Revolution was focused … Continue reading Friedrich Gentz on the American and French Revolutions

The French Revolution

One of the most influential events in Western Civilization, the French Revolution had its beginnings in the age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment centered around the use of reason not only to determine scientific truths, but also to formulate laws and principles that govern the way mankind functions. It was also fueled by the extravagance of … Continue reading The French Revolution

The Dispute Between the Colonists and Great Britain

The dispute between Great Britain and the Colonists that lead to the American Revolution at its core concerned the role of tradition in the constitution. The actions of Great Britain went against tradition in the colonists eyes, and therefore infringed upon their rights as British people. The idea of the constitution had changed in Great … Continue reading The Dispute Between the Colonists and Great Britain