Bernard Mandeville’s Influence on Darwinism

In the early 18th century, the poet Bernard Mandeville wrote a poem, "The Grumbling Hive." This poem was not an outstanding piece of literature and had little influence at the time of its writing. However, it contained an interesting and highly controversial message that was supported in his two-volume defense of the poem, The Fable … Continue reading Bernard Mandeville’s Influence on Darwinism


Envy in ‘Paradise Lost’

In Paradise Lost, Satan's ambition was fueled by envy, not jealousy. There is a great difference between the two. Jealousy is the desire to have or get something someone else has that is better, while envy seeks to destroy that which is better than it, not to acquire it. Envy is far more evil than … Continue reading Envy in ‘Paradise Lost’

Personal Experience in Bacon’s Essays

An English politician and successful writer, among many other things, Sir Francis Bacon has had great influence on the literary genre of the essay, taking inspiration from the pioneer of the style, Michel de Montaigne. However, he did not provide a great deal of authority in his essays. They had numerous quotes and Biblical references, … Continue reading Personal Experience in Bacon’s Essays

The Importance of Covenant Sanctions in Selected Sections of the Bible

In certain sections of the Bible, we find examples of the threat or promise of sanctions, and in some cases the fulfillment of these sanctions. These sanctions can be either positive or negative, bringing benefits or curses. They are incurred in a systematic manner by either the breaking or the keeping of the covenant with … Continue reading The Importance of Covenant Sanctions in Selected Sections of the Bible

Rhetoric in the ‘Acts and Monuments’ of John Foxe

The Acts and Monuments¬†of John Foxe, first published in 1563, ¬†told a detailed history of the Protestant religion and of the martyrs for Christianity. In his book Foxe effectively used rhetoric to achieve various ends, producing eloquent arguments in the mouths of his subjects that were pro-Protestant and against Queen Mary and Catholicism. In the … Continue reading Rhetoric in the ‘Acts and Monuments’ of John Foxe