The Impossibility of a Reconciliation Between the Apostles and the Sadducees

The Apostles and the Sadducees had differing opinions that could not have been reconciled. The root of the Apostle’s belief was entirely different from that of the Sadducees. If the Sadducees did admit that they were wrong, they would be giving up their lofty social status and political power.

The Apostles saw Jesus after he had been crucified, confirming their beliefs and erasing any doubts they may have had. This was proof to the Apostles that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, and what He had taught was true. The Sadducees could not admit that Jesus had resurrected, because then they would be admitting that Jesus was what He said he was, and that His crucifixion was not justified.

Jesus came not only to free the world of sin, but also to depose the Jew’s old covenant, and to set up a new covenant. This was because the Jews had become corrupt, using the old covenant law to their advantage for personal gain. The message of Jesus proclaimed salvation to all of the world. The Jews believed that only they, the chosen people of God, could be saved.

If the Sadducees had admitted Jesus was the son of God, they would be admitting that their covenant was no longer valid. They would not do this, because they held lofty social status and political power as Sadducees. They were in charge of maintaining the temple, collecting taxes, regulating relations with the Romans, settling domestic disputes, they represented the state internationally, administered the state domestically, and equipped and led the army. All these responsibilities that contributed to their social and political status would be lost if they accepted Jesus as the son of God

The Sadducees and the Apostles could not have been reconciled. The Apostles held firmly to their belief that Jesus had resurrected from the dead, and was the Son of God. The Sadducees stood to lose too much if they admitted that what Jesus had taught was true. Their political power, social status, and authority would all be gone. The Sadducees simply could not afford to admit that they were wrong.


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