The Albigensians

The Albigensians were a religious group of the middle ages that was very similar to the Manicheans. They believed that there existed two gods, one evil and one good, who were constantly fighting. They believed the good god was of spirit, and the bad god was of physical matter. Therefore, all physical matter had to … Continue reading The Albigensians


Essay 12: On Possible Uses of Scorpion Venom

Scorpions are Arachnids belonging to the order Scorpiones. Of the 1,750 known species, only 25 are capable of killing a human being. This may still seem like a lot, but many of these would only kill the very young and the very old. Their venom is a cocktail of various neurotoxins and enzyme inhibitors, designed … Continue reading Essay 12: On Possible Uses of Scorpion Venom

Popular Misconceptions About the Crusades

There exist many popular misconceptions about the crusades which are often used as ammunition against the Catholic Church by its opponents in social media and elsewhere. While it is true that there were instances of cruelty and greed among the crusaders, especially during the fourth crusade, much of the popular opinion about the crusades is … Continue reading Popular Misconceptions About the Crusades

Reconciling Paul and Justin Martyr

In many of the epistles of the Apostle Paul, we see ideas presented which seem to contradict the writings of other Church Fathers, such as Justin Martyr. Justin's First Apology¬†seems to go directly against Paul's epistles on important issues such as sovereignty and sanctions. These writings, however, are not as completely at odds as they … Continue reading Reconciling Paul and Justin Martyr

Essay 11: On Important Chordate Body Structures

Multicellular organisms, especially chordates (most vertebrates), exhibit several different body structures which allow for more sophisticated locomotion, sensory perception, and structure than in less developed animals. All chordates exhibit a notochord, which is a long, flexible rod that provides support, and a place for muscles push against in locomotion. The notochord is present in the … Continue reading Essay 11: On Important Chordate Body Structures

Political Ambition in the Great Schism

The Great Schism was a split between the churches of the East and Eest. It was fueled partly by cultural and liturgical differences between the two church centers, but initially, it was fueled by political ambition in the East. The Catholic church had five Patriarchates, which were Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem. These Patriarchates … Continue reading Political Ambition in the Great Schism


Christendom is the collective population of Christians in the world. Christianity has linked many diverse peoples in one belief. These believers share something special regardless of their race or nationality.¬† Catholicism, the very first form of Christianity, literally means "universal". Christianity is the great equalizer, because whatever one's nationality or social position, all are equal … Continue reading Christendom