First Impressions of Islam From the Koran

From the Koran, it is obvious that Islam is based very firmly in faith and belief in Allah. It is shown many times that those who do not believe will suffer many negative sanctions directly from Allah. Allah does not seem to show forgiveness to those who transgress against him. There is no call to attempt to peacefully convert the “unbelievers”, but to “smite their necks; and, when you have overcome them, by causing great slaughter among them, bind fast the fetters” [47:5]. Those who do not believe in Allah are not to be persuaded to convert, but murdered. Islam seems to be different from other monotheistic religions, such as Christianity, which focuses on forgiveness from one’s transgressions, and non-violence. Allah seems to show characteristics of the Jewish God, ruthlessly smiting those who disbelieve. Judaism and Islam are also very similar in that they both seem hostile to outsiders, and seemingly not focused on converting unbelievers. The first impressions of Islam to an outsider reading the Koran are not conducive to new conversions.


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