The Importance of Miracles in the Teachings of Jesus

Jesus performed many miracles during the time of His ministry, his such as curing the sick, raising the dead, walking on water, and more. These miracles were essential to His teachings. Without them, Jesus would not have attracted so many followers, and would not have been as successful in His teachings.

The miracles of Jesus helped to reinforce the belief that he was the son of God. They were a way for Jesus to prove to His listeners and followers that what He was saying was true. He did not, however, want His followers to take any rash action and make Him their king. It was not His intention to be a political or military leader on earth. In John 6:15, Jesus had to flee to the mountains in order to escape the people He had been preaching to because He perceived that they would take Him by force and make Him king. This happened after He had fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes. He told some of the people He had healed not to tell anyone of the miracles He had performed, but most of them went out and told everybody.

The miracles Jesus performed also allowed him to reach a large audience. People flocked from all around to be cured by Him. Thousands showed up to listen to his sermons and be healed. If Jesus had not cured people of their sicknesses, he would not have reached so large an audience.

The miracles performed by Jesus were of huge importance to his ministry. They helped Him to prove He was who He said He was, and they allowed Him to reach a huge audience. Jesus is the Son of God. The miracles were part of His plan, but ultimately superfluous to His ultimate mission.

Daniel McAdams


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